Letterkenny Music Rated

I found a great site that lists all the videos played in all the episodes of Letterkenny. You can find it here
I’ve gone through and listened to every song that I can find on YouTube, which is nearly all of them.
I’ve rated each song here on an innovative scale of 0 to 12. It was originally 1 to 9, but I decided 1 through 9 was something I’d listen to on purpose, OK was that I didn’t mind it and NO was I didn’t want to listen to it. Then I realized that OK needed nuance, so I changed it to OK-, OK, and OK+

0 = I don’t like it
1-3 = I don’t mind it, varying degrees
4-12 = I like it and the higher the number, the more likely I am to listen to more by the band or buy things they’ve done.

I’m going to do an episode per table and add more to this post as time goes on until I’ve rated the entire series.

Season 1 Episode 1

BandSongRatingScene TypeLink
Kaboom AtomicPremadonnas0Hockey PlayersJust Song, No Video
Annakin SaladDougie Gilmore (chop Chop)4Hockey PlayersJust Song, No Video
Indian WarsThere & Back Again2Theme SongJust Song, No Video
Keys N KratesSave Me (feat. Katy B)3SkidsWeird Video
Nü SensaeWorm(s)8FightJust Song, No Video
The Pack A.D.Everyone Looks Like Everyone10FightVideo
Pigeon HoleWolf Pack0CloseJust Song, No Video

Season 1 Episode 2

BandSongRatingScene TypeLink
Kaboom AtomicTries0Hockey PlayersJust Song, No Video
Chains of LoveYou Got It1FightJust Song, No Video
Keys N KratesTreat Me Right3SkidsFun Video
Deadly SnakesPlayboys2FightJust Song, No Video
Keys N KratesAre We Faded3SkidsJust Song, No Video
Dead GhostsWhen It Comes To You6PartySilly Video
The New ValuesAxe On Your Doorstep6FightJust Song, No Video
SunshineTwo Hundred Grand9Party & CloseRidiculous Video Starring Jared Keeso (Wayne)

Season 1 Episode 3

BandSongRatingScene TypeLink
VacationerBe With You5Fartbook BetaVideo
Kaboom AtomicControl0Hockey PlayersJust Song, No Video
Grand TheftMobbin1GlenJust Song, No Video
Shimmering StarsI'm Gonna Try5CloseVideo

Season 1 Episode 4

BandSongRatingScene TypeLink
Kaboom AtomicTries0 (Repeat)Hockey PlayersJust Song, No Video
Dead GhostsHaunted House6ModeansVideo
Dead GhostsGetting Older6ModeansJust Song, No Video
The BloggersCrazy GlueNot OnlineModeansNot Online
We Are the CityThat's It, That's All5CloseVideo

Season 1 Episode 5

BandSongRatingSong TypeLink
Keys N KratesHypnotik2SkidsVideo
Keys N KratesSave Me2 (Repeat)SkidsWeird Video
Keys N KratesDum De Dum2SkidsJust Song, No Video
B-LinesAcknowlegments5WayneNot Online
Serial KillazSend Dem2RaveJust Song, No Video
DJ Donna SummerSuch Language4CloseJust Song, No Video

Season 1 Episode 6

The last song for this episode is why I started looking into all the music for the series. It is what made me start watching the show.
BandSongRatingScene TypeLink
Serial KillersSend Dem2 (Repeat)SkidsJust Song, No Video
DJ Donna SummerParty People3SkidsJust Song, No Video
Nü SensaePassing the Word9WayneJust Song, No Video
B-LineTonite8FightJust Song, No Video
Indian WarsWalk Around the Park0ModeansLive Performance Video
JapantherTender People11Fight/CloseJust Song, No Video

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