Tijuana Sweetheart

Last Friday Chris and I went to see Tijuana Sweetheart at Church, a pretty good venue in Boston. We’ve seen a few shows there and they’ve all been pretty good. The band was a lot of fun as always, but they seemed a little more subdued than usual. This was just the third show for their new guitarist, so maybe that’s it. The last time I saw them it was still with the old guitarist adn she really didn’t seem into it at that point, so I’m not really surprised she left. The bassist is also new from when they were Vagiant, but she’s been with the band for awhile. She definitely fits in with the spirit of the band, I hope the new guitarist does too.

They were the first band in a 4 band set and the show was for a charity of some sort. Cancer, I think. The show was only $8 which surprised me for a charity, but I have no idea how these things work. Chris was happy that they were on at 8 and off by 8:45 since it meant neither of us would get home all that late. I suppose he didn’t really care how late I got home, but he got to get home a a reasonable hour for the “old man” that he is.

I remember when I was in my late teens and early 20s going to shows and seeing a guy in his 40s in a leather jacket standing at the back of the venue, arms crossed, enjoying the show. I suppose that’s me at this point. I’m glad I still get to go to shows and I’d like to go to more, but I don’t know as many bands as I’d like that are touring and worth seeing. One really positive thing that’s changed from the days when I was first going to shows is the internet and iPhone. Back in the day you’d go to a show and either suffer through some bands (if you were really lucky they were all good, but that was rare) or you’d sit in the bar and wait until the band you want to see is on. The latter was Rich’s preference, the former mine. If you take the latter you miss the dreck, but you also miss the gems and there are a bunch of bands that were openers that I really like: Boris the Sprinkler, The Riverdales and Soul Coughing to name just a few. Now that I can look up bands while in the venue before the show starts, it cuts down on the chance that you’ll see people that aren’t the type of thing you’ll like. At this show I looked up the other 3 bands and as a result didn’t feel the need to stay after Tijuana Sweetheart. One of the bands may have been decent, but at least I was spared the headliner: speed metal. Not my thing at all.

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