Right on the heels of finding one cd in my collection that I’m going to get rid of, I find another. The Drunks seemed like a decent band that just aren’t to my taste, Dropzone is something else altogether. Like The Drunks, I think Dropzone is a CD I purchased for one dollar or less, I’d certainly never heard of them before. If this is the case, I know why I got this cd, the cover is amusing, the name of the cd is “Pint Sized Punks” and the pictures of the band show them to be around 15. If they can play mildly well, it’d be a novelty cd worth keeping around.

Unfortunately, they can’t. They remind me of a band I saw once when I was in college. We’d gone to nearby Hampshire College to see King Missile and the opening band was, we think, a local act. The band was called Prunella and consisted of a drummer and a guitarist. The drummer was pretty good, but the guitarist had to slow down to change chords. Dropzone has the same problem. The lyrics sound like they were written by uninspired teenagers, the vocals are adequate at best and while they manage to stay on key, tempo is not their friend. At least they all slow down at the same time for chord changes, I think that says something nice about the drummer.

I’m glad these kids formed a band, but who thought giving them a cd contract was a good idea? This was put out by Skate-Key Records in Brooklyn in 1999, I’ve never heard of the company and maybe this is why. It is possible there’s a decent song on the cd somewhere, but I could only get through the beginnings of the first half of the cd. I listened to the first 2 songs all the way and just couldn’t take any more. If this band were starting out today, they’d just put their songs on the internet, keep practicing and be embarrassed by them later on. Back then, who knows. Maybe I’ll look to see if there’s anything about them on-line at some point, but right now I can’t be bothered. Sell Pile it is.

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