The Drunks

As I go through my CD collection, adding everything to the iPod, I listen to CDs I haven’t heard in awhile or that I might not have listened to at all. One CD I tried recently isn’t making it onto the iPod: The Drunks: Ruin it for Everyone. They seem like a decent punk band, but they’re a shouty punk band and I don’t really care for that from most bands. You have to have a song that really grabs me to be a shouty punk band and stay in my collection and none of their songs hit that level for me. They’re not a “shout at the top of your lungs” band, they’re a “lead singer has a gravelly sort of voice so shouting is mostly what he can do” band. This is one of the reasons I don’t really care for the Drop Kick Murphys, though being in Boston you can’t help but hear them.

Fortunately my friend John says he wants to give The Drunks a try, so the next time I see him he gets the CD. They’re based in Manchester, NH so if he likes them he can research if they are still together (the album is from 2000) or at least see if the band members have gone on to anything else and see if he can catch a show.

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