How you listen is important too

I was excited to be able to listen to music more often now that I have the iPod. I have around 1/3 of my collection on there now and that’s over 8700 songs. iPod claims it’ll hold 40,000, but I’m guessing that’s average length songs and I must have a bunch that are longer. I say around 1/3 because I’m not counting the cds I bought for $1 just to see or the cds that John left behind when he moved. I’ll be going through all of that and deciding what to keep as I go through the rest of my collection.

Whlie I do occasionally listen to specific albums or songs, I tend to just put the entire collection on shuffle and listen to what comes up. If I really don’t want to hear it I’ll skip, but that doesn’t happen all that often. The best part about this is that I’m listening to albums and songs I’d never gotten around to before. It is a lot easier to listen to a random track from an album than grabbing the album with the intention of listening to the whole thing or evaluating the entire album at once.

The daunting nature of having to listen to the new album left many albums unheard, even when I know I like the artist. Sometimes I just didn’t want to hear an album’s worth of music by them or I’d listen to the first few songs and not really be taken by the album so I’d put it away. Now I’m getting to evaluate the artists little by little and I’m enjoying the process a lot more. I suppose I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm for listening to entire new albums, I had it when I was younger, but these days there’s some apprehension in there as well.

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One Response to How you listen is important too

  1. Emily says:

    Whereas I skip stuff ALL THE TIME, because I get a lot of stuff that I’m just not in the mood for right then. Eventually, I need to go through and uncheck the stuff that I always, always skip, since I clearly just don’t like it.